What is a Road Safety Audit?

Who is a Road Safety Auditor?

What is the Register of Road Safety Auditors?

Where is this certification recognised?

Can road safety auditors from outside New South Wales be included on this Register?

Who can be listed on the Register?

Eligibility criteria:

What are the certification levels?

Why are the certification levels and eligibility criteria changing?

What are the eligibility criteria for Auditor (Level 1)?

What are the eligibility criteria for Senior Auditor (Level 2)?

What are the eligibility criteria for Lead Auditor (Level 3)?

How long is my certification valid for?

When will the ‘new’ eligibility criteria become effective?

Is there a transition period to the ‘new’ eligibility criteria for current auditors on the Register?

How should I prepare for the ‘new’ eligibility criteria?

Application process:

What does the Register recognise as a road safety audit?

What are all the stages of audits listed on the Register?

Can audits conducted within other Australian states or overseas be listed on the Register?

Who is the client contact person?

How is my certification level assessed?

How are training courses verified?

How are road safety audits verified?

What are typical issues with verifying road safety audits?

What are typical issues with verifying training courses?


Why can’t I edit my profile?

Why can’t I enter road safety audits more than 2 years old?

Training courses:

What training courses is the Register certification based on?

Which training courses are recognised on the Register?

Where do I find out more information on training courses in road safety auditing?

What is the current schedule of courses?
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