This Register of Road Safety Auditors was established in 2002 for use in New South Wales. It recognises a practitioner’s skills and experience in road safety auditing and promotes their professional development in road safety auditing. It also offers access to a listing of the recognised road safety auditors, their certification level and certification expiry date

Joining this Register benefits road safety auditors by:
  • Demonstrating their experience and capability to perform road safety audits
  • Indicating professional development status
  • Providing them with recognition by Transport for New South Wales and its agencies (for example, Roads and Maritime Services)
  • Elevating the status of road safety auditors on projects
Joining this Register of road safety auditors is FREE.
  Using this Register benefits business by:
  • indicating a road safety auditor's experience, capability and certification level
  • Validating the status of a road safety auditor's certification
  • Enabling them to locate road safety auditors based on geographical region
  • Providing a reference tool on road safety auditing for Transport for New South Wales and its agencies (for example, Roads and Maritime Services). 
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